Simple Attendance App for Phones and PCs

With you can now track attendance directly from your phone. Add your users in one click and they can use their phones or a pc to check in every day.Watch the video


Host of Features

Comes integrated with powerful features, helping you be in complete control

  • Live Dashboard

    Keep track of Who's in. Who's late. Stay informed live.

  • Zero Hardware

    Absolutely no additional hardware is required. Just use any smartphone or PC. Setup in less than 60secs.

  • Awesome Reports

    Live Dashboard. Summary reports and charts. OnTime scores and much more. Easily export to your email.

  • Secured

    GeoSeal,PhotoID and WifiSSID makes sure that your users are inside your premisies when checking in.

  • WebCheckin

    No smartphones. No worries, users can easily check in from any PC or MAC

  • Field Tracking

    Now keep track of your outdoor staff. With you can now manage your on field users.

Manage Like A Pro

  • Reporting

    See detailed reports instantly, visualize the data like never before. Easily export anything to email

  • Leaves

    No more letters. Your users can now simply request a leave from their phones. And you can manage them all anywhere

  • Holidays

    We make holiday management super easy. Create and Manage holidays in one dashboard


  • PhotoID

    Click a selfie everytime someone checks in

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  • GeoSeal

    Allow users to only check in when inside a specific location, like your office

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  • Wifi SSID Security

    Allow checkins only when connected to your selected WIFI

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  • Fingerprint*

    Support for fingerprint scanner in phones or third-party finger print scanners for PCs.


Admin Dashboard

    Now keep track of your outdoor staff. With you can now manage your on field users, know where they go, what they do. The idea is simple. Your field agent goes to 10 locations every day and checkins from his app.You can see his checkins on a map, along with PhotoID and Notes. Easy and Simple.

    • Track moving employees or assets
    • Capture PhotoID
    • Take Notes
    • Easy reports on a map
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Contact Info

Homebrewed in India @AvifaInfotech

As an IT startup we felt the need to make something that allows us to manage attendance easily and affordably for our own office, then we thought if we can do this for us why not let everyone else use it!

70 Manik Bandhapadhay Sarani,India

+91 7278027780

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