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Electronic Timesheets Are Revolutionizing Office Stage

With the advancement of technology and science, the use of pen and paper has reduced to such an extent that it has now become an obsolete practice. It is evident that these new innovations would find its way to business and commercial sectors. One such major and relatively new discovery is the use of timesheets. Now hold on! You might be thinking that timesheets have been in use for quite some time now and you are right. The timesheets that have been revolutionizing the office sector for quite a while are the electronic timesheets.


1. What exactly are electronic timesheets?

Timesheets are essentially spreadsheets or pieces of paper that are used to keep track of an employee’s attendance or his/her total work hour. Electronic timesheets provide a serious advantage over the conventional methods by being more flexible and able to maintain both complex and simple time records. These electronic timesheets are available in the forms of desktop software to web based Attendance tracking apps. They result in a better business management in maintaining a strict time tracking and payroll.

2. Are there any advantages of using Electronic Timesheets?

Businesses and companies that have been using electronic timesheets have been able to better manage their Human Resources. These attendance trackers have a number of advantages that makes it superior over its spreadsheet and paper document rivals.

Fully Customizable based on needs

Electronic time sheets are customizable based on the business types and departments. Every heads of the department can change how their timesheets looks and can adjust their attendance records keeping the employee needs in mind. Customizing time sheets allows you to reduce time that you spend on manual entering data on special circumstances or editing time sheets for each individual employee.

 All information at one place

Spreadsheets or documents unlike electronic time sheets are stored on different databases on computer networks or throughout your business. With attendance apps every information entry is done in a single database. With everything now in one place, it becomes incredibly easy to generate reports on a single employee or for the entire company.

Central access that results in an efficient supervision

Employees don’t usually don’t have access to their own timesheets as they are stored with the department supervisor. With Electronic Timesheets however anyone can access the centralized database. This results in a quicker processing speeds and overall increase in time-tracking management. Also corrections that are made appear instantly. Thus supervisors can remind employees quickly if there are any mistakes.

3. How can your office benefit from using electronic time sheets?

Once you convert to using attendance-tracking apps or electronic timesheets for your business, you would notice the huge difference in processing speeds when the accounting for payrolls. You can also better manage your employees individually. Selecting the optimal time-tracking system can be a bit difficult at the start. But once you sort out the functions you want to include; as in you want only a time-tracking software or an all in one system that keeps track of payrolls, scheduling and project management all from a single dashboard, you would find that managing Human Resources was never more easy!