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Version 125 Updates

Thanks to your awesome feedback we are excited to bring to you a fresh set of features from today!

Base and Allowed Locations: All Users, Admins and Super Admins will now have 2 types of Locations mapped to them – Base and Allowed. Employees/members will be able to checkin/out from both Base and Allowed Locations. These punches will then be recorded in Reports of their Base Locations.

Updated Reports: Achieve more with comprehensive and easier-to-use reports –

1) Timeline Report will have a more detailed analysis of each day for each user and will display multiple states from now (Eg. when a User is present on a holiday or, when an Admin is on a casual leave on a weekly off). Attendance Report data is now being integrated into Timeline Report.

2) Summary Report is now more complete with a beautiful graphic display and categorizes day counts into specific buckets while keeping in mind multiple states. It also has an “All” option to generate the Report for the entire Organisation.

3) Master Report will now contain details of all punches. This is equivalent to a database dump of attendance punches.

4) Leave Report will now give leave information with breakup of leave types instead of the existing composite leave data.

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