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We always pine for doing something constructive and being immensely productive in every aspect of life. Especially when it comes to the arena of working and job, we always tend to be overtly enthusiastic about reaping out the most from our own efficiency. Now, the trick is to be productive without indulging in or working without any specific goal. There are certain key factors that are to be primarily considered before you really want to enhance your productivity at the workplace. Here goes a list of the main things one should follow for the best results:


  • Calculate the time usage
  • It is very much crucial to calculate how much time you are devoting to a certain task. It has been evidenced that most people waste time a lot by being unsure about how much they have already wasted on a single task. There are various apps and tools, which can make an exact calculation of the time consumed and would make you more aware about how much you are wasting. This would inevitably propel utilization of time in a better way.
  • Intervals are crucial too
  • It might sound a bit bizarre, but do not commit the mistake of working mindlessly as well as endlessly. Take a short break in between tasks, as it would boost your concentration during a prolonged task. This would really ensure that you can perform steadily without any hindrance or steep decline in the performance level.
  • Deadlines and planning
  •  Now at workplace, everyone has deadlines to maintain but it is equally important to fix it for your own productivity enhancement. This can be more applicable regarding open ended tasks, as you can set yourself one and work on it. Try to constrict the time and remain determined to meet it. This would not only make you more efficient, but you might also be surprised at how much more organized you have become. A prior planning or a to-do list would also work wonders for planning for the day ahead. It would also keep a track of the works you do daily.
  • Say no to multitasking
  • Who does not love to be ambidextrous at work and multitask, juggling every odd job at hand. But it is very much important to stop multitasking as it deviates and diverts your attention from one task to another, thus reducing every bit of attention you devote. Take one task at a time and finish it on time and in this way you would be able to become more productive.
  • Act more, react less
  •  We all are enmeshed in the technological web, but it is important to be efficient rather as well. So the first thing to do after you get to work has got to be turning off those mail notifications or those personal messages etc. be cautious about selecting the officially necessary messages on alert. Set aside a time for responding, after you have finished the job.
  •  Do away with the dreaded task
  •  All of us do dread some tasks, which we eventually tend to postpone, only figuring out that it has been left undone, at the end of the day. It is best to finish the detested task first. As you begin your day with replenished energies, you won’t tire yourself while doing it and then you can move on to the easier tasks, which would automatically call for attention.
  • Jazz up your workspace
  •  This may sound a bit weird but adding brighter hues to your workspace really enlivens your spirit, thus making you more efficient. While red symbolizes attentiveness, blue is the emblem of peace and calm; opt for these colors to spice up your workspace. One can even keep small plants if allowed at the work area, as a hint of green can work wonders on your productivity.