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QR code attendance and Direct check in

We are adding two new direct methods of checking in, Barcode / QR Check IN and Direct Check IN.


With barcode / qr checkin you can now easily allow users to check in by scanning their codes against any admin’s phone. It is really cool and easy. 

To start, Simply click the QR Button on the Users page. It will popup a QR image, this can be downloaded or exported to email. The QR can then be printed and given to the user or embedded inside an ID card.

Next time, when you the user wants to check in, just click SCAN QR button on the bottom of your home page. And the scanner will scan the user’s QR and then capture their selfie and allow them to checkin .

With direct checkin, simply click the checkin  button on the user page and that’s it. The check in will be recorded instantly, If PhotoID is enabled, the camera will click the user’s image.

Both the methods will follow the same security settings as specified in the user. So if GEOSeal is enabled, the Admin’s phone must be inside the GPS location when the user tries to checkin similarly with WIFI SSID, the admin’s phone’s WIFI must match the WIFI specified in the organisation settings.