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How to motivate your employees towards full attendance?

Maintaining attendance is always an issue especially in the workplace where taking a roll call like your old-school teacher just can’t work. Thankfully though, this app,, will cater to all your attendance managing needs!

It is designed to turn your plain and simple smartphone into an attendance register. If you or any of your users don’t have a smartphone, it is no issue at all because the app is also easily usable from a PC using any browser of the user’s choice.


It is one of the most user-friendly apps available where all you have to do is create your organization in the app and add all your users. This will allow them to check in and out directly from their phones or computers. It is completely secured and fool-proof as location is verified with GPS and WIFI SSID. It also takes a selfie at every check in as a form of Photo ID to ensure that the employees are indeed within the premises. As if this was not enough, it also provides field tracking to maintain the attendance of on-field staff via maps. For example if your employees are sales persons and are required to check in and out of different locations throughout the day, this app is ideal in maintaining a strict check on their whereabouts. Apart from simply documenting attendances, this ground-breaking app also offers a built-in management system that looks after all holiday and leave applications, simply notifying you through emails so you don’t have to go through the hassle yourself.

How Increases Punctuality and Attendance?

65405-OCB1FC-869 does not only track its users but also motivates them by sending positive messages to reinforce positive behaviors such as maintaining attendance throughout the week and arriving on time. If required, it also sends reminders in the form of notifications to the users if they fail to sign in on time and are running late.All activity remains readily available to you, the admin, on the dashboard and you can easily monitor it anytime using the app.

Apart from the app, we can also improvise a bit, in our efforts to increase organizational attendance. For example, simple things likeFixing an In time

    1. Fixing an In time

   2. Rewarding punctuality

   3. Rewarding attendance

   4. Coming on time and yourself

Go a long way, in encouraging others to be on time and regular. packs reporting features through which in time of each employee or user can be tracked. Detailed reports can be downloaded at the end of each day or month, which will include the summary of all activities including graphs to aid in quick and easy visualization.Even though the app is easy to understand on its own, simple tutorials explaining every aspect of the application are available at which also includes answers to FAQs for your convenience. So if you’re looking for a simple and easy fix to your managerial problems, we suggest you download the app right away and start reaping the results with a 30 day free trial.