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How to increase office attendance and punctuality?

How to get your employees on time, everyday?


So you walked in early this morning, opened the doors and found out that your office is empty.You keep waiting in the front desk, to realise its well past 10 AM and nobody has yet shown up.

Well people, are lazy, specially in small to mid sized setups it is difficult to get people on time. But punctuality is one of the core values your organization builds up on. Discipline and time is key to success.

So here is how to increase punctuality and make sure your employees are right on time every day

Set Timelines

Define Timeline

The first thing you must do, is to put up a notice mentioning the working hours. Don’t write the departure time if you don’t want to, just mention the arrival time.

Incentivise but don’t penalise

Add incentives to increase attendance

People must look forward to some reward for being there every day on time. Yes we all think that the people we hire will share the same passion for the work as us, but that is not the case. And we shouldn’t except that either. One of the reasons they are here, is money!

So set some awards every month, like OnTime EveryTime award for those who come everyday on time in a month. Those above 80% attendance and on time, can be awarded some monetary incentives.

There must be something for people to look forward to. But make sure, to do all this very subtly.


Track Attendance and Punctuality

Ofcourse, to track this information you will need some software or hardware. If your still using an old register to maintain attendance and time, well best of luck. But for others, you can try out our app, which makes tracking everything related to attendance a breeze.


Remind Office Time

This is our app only feature. Our app sends a small push notification before 15 mins, everyday to everyone reminding them to check in.
However, for some reason, if you choose not to use our app, then you can skip this.

If the above don’t bring in effects, or it doesnt change the patterns for certain people, Its time to dig deeper.

  • Analyze the hidden causes
  • Are they struggling with work?
  • Dont they like what to do?
  • Are they facing any issues?
  • Have a face to face talk directly. And figure out whats going on.

If things still go south overall, introduce a penalisation policy.Declare, that falling below certain attendance and punctuality score will lead to deduction of salary.

Well, thats all you can do, if all else fail, its time to rehire the right people.